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Hilarious… expert comic timing and flair… Jinkx Monsoon delivers.
– BroadwayWorld
Light and sparkling… a pure delight.
– T Magazine (The New York Times)
Jinkx shows off talent that was only glimpsed at on Drag Race, and proves to be a real star onstage.
– Huffington Post
Comedic genius… surprisingly complex… it's a winner.
– Showbusiness Weekly
Straight or gay, everyone leaves this show with sides aching from laughter.
– The New York Times
It's had line around the block for months, earned stellar reviews in The New York Times and been extended more times than The Fantasticks.
– Logo TV's NewNowNext
Intelligent and entertaining… Jinkx Monsoon and Major Scales are the millennial Kiki and Herb.
– TheaterMania
Triumph!...Saw "The Vaudevillians" last night and I'm still laughing!
– RuPaul

Dr. Dan Von Dandy
A professor of music and mixology, and a pretty swell guy. Dr. Dandy has been writing music since the age of six and has collaborated with such greats as Cole Porter, Kurt Weil, and Irving Berlin.

and his lovely wife, muse, and musical partner:

Ms. Kitty Witless
A sex kitten with a smile that can light up the room and a voice that can shatter glass. Kitty loves nothing more than performing and entertaining leagues upon hordes of willing gentleman. A dear friend to famous women like Fanny Brice, Gypsy Rose Lee, and Madonna, Kitty knows all the tricks of the trade… and the trading of tricks.

We are that sensational duo, The Vaudevillians.

Many of you have never heard of us, and that’s because we were a big hit long before any of you were born. We used to tour the country performing the vaudeville circuits, hitting every major town in America and wowing them with our original music! In our day, we had it made. We were stars of the stage and EVERYONE wanted to book us in their follies, speak-easies and burlesque reviews.

Unfortunately, one day, tragedy struck. While touring through Antarctica we were victims of a devastating avalanche and were buried under two tons of sleet and snow – instantly freezing us alive. BUT, thanks to your modern day “Global Warming” we have thawed out and returned to our favorite region, the great Northwest, to pick up our career where we left it!

HOWEVER, to our shock and chagrin, we have discovered that over the years, pop artists of various decades have stolen our music and passed it off as their own. Songs like “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” which was originally about the Woman’s Suffragette Movement, and “Drop it Like it’s Hot” which was originally about the invention of the electric iron.

THAT IS WHY, we are now returning to the stage to perform our music in its original integrity. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard our ragtime, upbeat, toe-tappin’, knee-slappin’ renditions of songs like “Piece of my Heart”, “Bad Romance”, “Paper Planes”, “Harder Better Faster Stronger” and many many more!

So if you’re a fan of olde timee music, witty banter, and convoluted back-stories, then you’re going to LOVE The Vaudevillians.